ch ch ch ch ch cherry blossoms

it’s not hard to understand the allure of the beloved cherry blossom tree. the perfect fleeting beauty, it’s lush, delicate blooms are anxiously anticipated each Spring, emerging shyly for only a few glorious days before disappearing again for another year. although fans flock in droves to experience them (High Park was absolutely APE this past weekend during peak bloom), there is a certain cache to being able to say “I saw them in bloom”.

high park sakura

so then it is no wonder that cherry blossoms are a popular design motif in fashion, food styling, events and home decor, their mysterious essence adds springtime magic to the everyday. here are some of my favourite examples:

cherry blossom bedding

cherry blossom doughnuts

cherry blossom art piece

cherry blossom headband

[Cherry Blossom – High Park Nature Centre]

[1 – rh baby&child] [2 – canelle et vanille] [3 – lighthearted dreamer] [4 – serenity crystal]


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