april showers

many people may agree with me that baby and bridal showers are not the most entertaining events. there are lot of awkward games with a bunch of ladies who don’t really know one another… need i say more?


luckily, there are some shower activities that are actually fun and tasteful (the latter quality sorely missing from most shower games, in my opinion). here are some options:

  •  “baby”/”love” song game – go through your music collection and make a playlist of all songs that include the word “baby” (for baby showers) or “love” (for bridal showers) in the title and/or chorus. play a small clip of each song and guests try to guess each song 
  • onesie design station – purchase a few packs of plain onesies and some fabric markers or paint. guests will decorate the onesies for the baby to wear! (tip, buy a few different sizes, not just newborn!)
  • flower arranging/ bouquets – purchase some bundles of flowers from a wholesaler or flower market. each guest can create their own “bridal bouqet” to take home!
  • set up a fun game of softball, volleyball or some other outdoor activity or create a gauntlet of classic board games
  • no games! just get together, share fun stories about the bride or mother-to-be and have some yummy food (no crustless cucumber sandwiches allowed!)

what are some of your favourite non-cheesy shower activities?


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