from my bookshelf: humanity wall of honor

back to the bookshelf! today’s book is Humanity: Wall of Honor from the Patrick Bonneville Society [now called Humanity Strong], written by Kim Murray. as a reminder, here are my book stacks:

here is a full picture of the cover of today’s book


i bought this book a few years ago when i was at the book store with my dad. this book was $2 so i just had to get it. i keep it on my shelf because it has a white spine with red lettering and that is something that was missing from the stack, colour-wise! now that the embarrassing truth is out of the way, i’ll admit that it is a very thought-provoking book, and i also like to look at it from time to time. from a series of “Humanity” books that deal with different aspects of human nature, Wall of Honour is a list of 100 not-for-profit organizations around the world that work each day to build a stronger, safer, happier world.

there is a ranking method for judging common criteria among the organizations in order to list them from top to bottom. a lot of the ranks i don’t particularly agree with, but i understand the purpose of ranking in order to open a discourse and debate between readers and bring awareness to causes and needs in the world that you may not have been familiar with before reading.

this book would make a great gift for a student, particularly those studying political science, humanities, anthropology, sociology or history.


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