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thirsty thursday: meyer lemon cubes

we are smack in meyer lemon season and these yummy little citrus fruits are in all the grocery stores. there are a million and one things to do with them, but i’ve got a simple way to use up a few that you may have left over.

do y’all start your days off with lemon water? or maybe you like to drop an ice cube in your tea like i do [if you are a huge baby and can’t drink your tea piping hot]. or maybe you just like to add some delicious sour-sweet flavour to whatever you’re drinking. no matter your reason, making meyer lemon ice cubes is easy.

meyer lemons

cut your lemons in half and juice them

lemon juice

i use a measuring cup with a large strainer over top to catch the seeds. the measuring cup makes it easy to pour the juice into the ice cube tray. i don’t fill the cubes up completely with juice – that’s too much lemon for me! fill them about halfway.

lemon ice cube

pop your ice cube into a glass of room temperature/warm water and drink it upon rising every day.


2 thoughts on “thirsty thursday: meyer lemon cubes

  1. My Meyer Lemon tree is currently hiding from winter snows on my porch. I cannot wait for warm weather and more lemons so that I can do this.

  2. I bought some Meyer lemons at Wal-Mart and I’ve got to say, they were not good! It was my first time trying them. I think they may have been around too long. I’ll be writing a post about them Friday. Are they really that good?

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