from my bookshelf: amy’s answering machine

back to the bookshelf! today’s book is Amy’s Answering Machine: Messages from my Mom by Amy Borkowsky.

for this series, i took a picture of two levels that hold books on the shelf in my living room and i’ll give an explanation about why each book has a home on my shelf. as a reminder, here are my book stacks:

here is a full picture of the cover of today’s book

Amy's Answering Machine: Messages from Mom

my mother gave me this book a few years ago and it holds a place on my shelf because it is not only a unique and funny book, but it is also the only truly yellow book that i own. i like how it breaks up the darker coloured spines in the stack, frankly. based on the CD of the same name, amy’s answering machine is a hilarious collection of ridiculous phone messages from the author’s confused and overbearing mother. it seems every time amy’s mother found out a new piece of information, she rushed to call her daughter before contemplating this new found knowledge. the result is a familiar and silly set of rules, warnings and advice that will truly make you laugh.

this is a great gift for your daughter if you are a mother, or for your mother/aunt/grandmother if you are a daughter!


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