from my bookshelf: lore of averages

let’s dive back into my bookshelf! today’s book is The Lore of Averages by Karen Farrington.

for this series, i took a picture of two levels that hold books on the shelf in my living room and i’ll give an explanation about why each book has a home on my shelf. as a reminder, here are my book stacks:

here is a full picture of the cover of today’s book

lore of averages

i am a trivia freak. ask anyone who has ever played a board game that tests knowledge with me – no – ask anyone who has ever asked me a question before: i love knowing things and i am of the opinion that one can never own too many books containing ‘tidbits’. the lore of averages is a fun little compilation of facts and anecdotes that will help you add to your information database. likely won’t help you in your everyday life, but comes in handy when playing games, watching jeopardy and starting a conversation when there is a lull.

it’s not the best compendium of information out there, but i like having it on my shelf because of its quirkiness. it would make a perfect bathroom reader, stocking stuffer or hostess gift.


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