from my bookshelf: holiday awesome

today i’m staring a new feature called “from my bookshelf”. for this series, i took a picture of two levels that hold books on the shelf in my living room and i’ll give an explanation about why each book has a home on my shelf.

here are the stacks! (and yes, i do own more books than this, don’t worry)

i’ll start at the top of the upper stack and work my way down through the series. the first book is The Book of Holiday Awesome by Neil Pasricha.

this book actually belongs to my boyfriend kevin, it is a gift that i put in his Christmas stocking last year. i put it at the top of the stack on the bookshelf because i like how the coloured letters stand out against the matte gold background on the cover. yes, it’s a good book, but i really just like how it looks on our shelf. there are a bunch of books Pasricha’s “Awesome” series, each pointing out different everyday situations or things that he believes the general population would agree are awesome. in this particular edition, all of the little joys he presents are holiday related (Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, etc.), for example driving around to look at neighbourhood Christmas lights or getting the bigger piece of the wishbone. just an honest collection of little things to be thankful for.

i’d recommend it as a fun stocking stuffer, hostess gift or last-minute emergency gift for pretty much anyone on your list. there is something in this book for everyone, one small nugget of awesome that everyone can relate to and bring a smile to their face whatever holiday they celebrate. and i also recommend putting it on your bookshelf!


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