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book review: pip pip hooray!

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pippa middleton was thrust into the global spotlight when her sister kate became engaged to prince william, but has generally flown under the radar outside of the UK since the royal wedding. that is, until she released her much-hyped party planning book celebrate: a year of festivities for families and friends last week [october 30th in the US]. pippa has long worked for her parents’ company party pieces and also at UK event management firm table talk, so it is fair to say she has a background in the subject of entertaining and she is not only cashing in on her newfound fame.

celebrate is a large, well put together book full of perfectly styled photos on thick stock paper. the pictures are really what you are buying this coffee table book for in the end, and, at the least, they are high quality. pippa is seen in a variety of different holiday settings feasting and frolicking with children and friends, doing her best to look natural.
however, the content of the book just sort of hangs there between beautiful photos. pippa isn’t suggesting anything groundbreaking with her ideas for holiday planning. i think we have come to a point, here in 2012, where the market for events and event planning, specifically social gatherings and weddings, is quite saturated. unless you are creating something new and fresh, you are just adding to the pile. although i feel she truly believes that she is putting forth something of substance, the truth of the matter is with such tips as “hang homemade spiders inside window nooks; string cobwebs on tables; and haunt gardens, attics, and stairways with ghosts made from sheets”,  pippa is doing just that with her book. she simply states the obvious without adding anything extra or providing you with any knowledge you likely don’t already have when it comes to holiday festivities. a nice touch would have been maybe some etiquette guidelines, some ‘insider’ information on how to do some of the decorating and planning she is suggesting or some how-tos for sticky situations that may arise. she has, after all, worked in the business and likely has come across a bevy of interesting predicaments.

pippa’s small saving grace is her inclusion of some recipes and craft ideas. although the recipes are pretty mainstream, she does make them with obtainable ingredients, rather than what you may be expecting her to use (eg. heirloom purple peppers freshly harvested from your back garden or a quail that your daddy hunted on your estate property).

Overall, pip’s effort isn’t horrendous, i’d give the book a 6/10, mostly just to have in my rotation of useless party books that look nice on my book shelf or coffee table.


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