hotel style

my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend is Friday [August 31st] and he told me he wants to get me new bed linens. I am so excited about the idea of finally getting rid of our 13-year-old boy denim duvet. yes, I said denim. this is what happens when you compromise, I suppose. when we moved in, I chose the bedroom furniture, and he chose the linens, as it is his bed, after all, and he decided to keep his beloved bedspread. so when he told me what he was thinking of getting me for our anniversary, immediately my mind began racing with pictures of crisp and clean white sheets, a sumptuously textured duvet [“ribbed for her pleasure“, I told him] and tons of fluffy pillows. a big bed that beckons you to sleep in it’s layers and layers of luxurious comfort. hotel style.

suddenly, I want everything in my life to be like this…


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[3 – hotel bathroom design]

[4 –hotel amenities resource]

[5 – il salvatino]


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