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wedding wednesday: first dance

as a planner, I have heard my fair share of first dance songs. and of course everyone is entitled to do their own thing at their wedding, but every now and then a first dance seems to fall flat because of the song choice. some songs seem right in theory; maybe it is ‘your song’, maybe it is one your grandparents danced to, maybe it is the song you always envisioned as your first dance, but when you actually get out on the dancefloor, it just doesn’t work.

there are a few reasons I have noted that causes a first dance to feel ‘meh’:

  • the song is too fast/slow
  • the couple is extremely stiff/not smiling
  • the song is very long [ideal length is between 1.5 and 3 minutes]
  • the song has inappropriate lyrics [eg. cursing, sad lyrics, the song is about breaking up, etc]

of course your first dance should always be meaningful to you if you feel it is an important part of your wedding day, I’m not trying to put down anyone’s song selection! however, if the first dance is important to you, here are some great tips for making it super special. and here are some of my song picks to get you started!

angel eyes – the jeff healey band

forever and ever, amen – randy travis … perfect for a two-step!

crazy love – van morrison

vision of love – mariah carey

something in the way she moves - james taylor... good for a nicely practiced dance

something in the way she moves – james taylor… good for a nicely practiced dance


2 thoughts on “wedding wednesday: first dance

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